Meher Munshi

Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

The perfect book just came out! From the desk of an eleven-year-old, a cheesy, gooey and spicy book! Family, friends and hardships all come to cause in this amazing book!
Meher goes on tournaments, plays games, feels happiness, anxiety, excitement and has some reflections. In this book she shares everything that makes her life interesting. (Maybe not everything). Meher lives in twists and turns, spins and stops.

A little bit of sugar, a bit of spice on the slice of life and of course, topped with the delectable cheese. Enjoy the funny dialogue, the ups and downs and the suspense!
Join Meher as she revisits her memories, of exploring new things, finding stuff she wants to do and more importantly those she doesn’t want to do and navigating through all this with support from her parents. See how she gets out of tough situations and what she thinks about them.

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